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SQL Heartbeat

SQL Monitor - Monitor SQL Server Performance

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Best-in-class Tool for Monitoring SQL Server Performance

To push your SQL Server to peak performance, best practice dictates that you effectively monitor all server activities. Your SQL Server monitor should measure all relevant and potentially useful metrics, ranging from physical server activities such as server reads and writes to CPU activity and even hourly buffer cache hits ratio. SQL HeartBeat is an “install and forget” SQL Server monitor that continuously monitors your SQL Server 24/7.

Would you like to uncover what you need to do to achieve SQL Server achieve peak performance? SQL HeartBeat allows you to conveniently see and instantly understand all of the data you need even after only one day of monitoring.

  • Do you need a more powerful CPU?
  • Does your server have enough memory?
  • Is the server constantly idling, waiting for locks?
  • Is your I/O system is too weak?

Get quick answers to the important questions you have about your SQL server with this powerful SQL performance monitoring tool from SQL Solutions.

SQL Server Monitor

Monitor your SQL Server 24 x 7 to remedy performance bottlenecks and maintain server health. SQL Heartbeat monitors all of your SQL Servers in a way that allows you to identify and prevent SQL Server problems before they happen. SQL Heartbeat allows for an unlimited number of custom counters to be defined. Important metrics often include: logins per second, lack waits per second, total latch wait time, deadlocks per second, errors per second, buffer cache hits ratio, page life expectancy, percent CPU utilization and average disk queue lengths. As default metrics have been set up by SQL Server experts, the initial setup step is minimal. With SQL Heartbeat, you are alerted in advance of potential system degradation and slowdowns and can generate charts detailing system performance over time.

Download and try SQL HeartBeat for free or buy it now and see the difference this SQL Monitor can make to your SQL server’s performance. Call us toll-free at (800)283-4775 or (215)701-3913 today.

SQL HeartBeat  SQL Monitor


This is a small ‘install it and forget it’ tool, which allows you to monitor your server every day, every hour.


SQL HeartBeat
  • ‘Install it and forget it’ SQL Server monitor
  • Monitors your server 24/7
  • Records hourly totals of the most important SQL parameters.
  • Stores history of these counters and presents it in graphs and diagrams
  • Tells you what you need to upgrade: IO system, memory or CPU

SQL HeartBeat records the following every hour:

  • Server physical activity (Physical Reads and Writes)
  • Server logical read activity.
  • Buffer cache hits ratio (important parameter to monitor)
  • CPU
  • Custom counters
  • Latch waits – time SQL server waited for the IO system, or Locks

SQL Activity Statistics screenshot 

The full beauty of this tool is visible after you have at least a week of history recorded, yet even after the very first day of monitoring you will be able to answer the question: what needs to be done to make your server work faster?

You can not only record the hourly statistics of your CPU usage, Physical and Logical IO, Cache hits ratio, but you can also add custom counters. Using these counters, you can define performance metrics on the SQL Server level as well as on the business level (e.g. the number of customers served), and even link these levels (e.g. an average number of Physical Reads per Customer transaction).

  • Do you need a more powerful CPU?
  • Does your server have enough memory?
  • Is the server constantly idling, waiting for locks?
  • Is your I/O system too weak?

Call us toll-free at (800)283-4775 or (215)701-3913 today.

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SQL HeartBeat


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